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“Just finished up with my second child at Berkman and Shapiro, and have nothing but nice things to say about the entire office. From the front desk, to the ortho techs, to the doctors, everyone is fantastic!!!"
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Diane K.
“The staff are always so friendly and accommodating. My daughter loves going to see the orthodontist because the office is fun for kids (and adults). It’s very clean and welcoming. They’re truly the best!”
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Marci P.


To provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment and create beautiful, healthy smiles in a positive, warm, and caring environment, where each person is appreciated, expectations are exceeded, and service is unsurpassed.

Metal Braces


Held on to teeth with space-age adhesive, metal braces are the most common type and they come in silver or gold.

Tie Less Braces


Tie-less (aka Damon System) help reduce the pressure exerted on teeth and require fewer adjustments.

Clear Braces


Clear or “tooth-colored” brackets bond onto the outside surfaces of your teeth, similar to conventional metal options.

Invisible Braces


Low-profile customized braces that fit on the inside surfaces of your teeth so no one can tell they’re there.

How Braces Work

We use gentle, constant pressure techniques to move teeth into their proper positions slowly, over time. Our treatments work around the clock. Depending on the type of adjustments made, teeth usually move between 1 and 2 millimeters each month.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO):

Successful orthodontic treatment depends on three things – pressure, time and cooperation. Braces…put pressure on teeth to gradually move them into the correct position over time. Patient cooperation is needed…”

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Shorter Appointments, More Time Between Visits, Less Time In Treatment

Crowding, Crossbite, Overbite, Underbite – We’ve Seen It All!

Our expert orthodontists and staff have utilized the latest technology to treat all kinds of misalignment issues from patients of all ages. We offer a comprehensive set of options and create treatment plans personalized to you and your teeth. The results speak for themselves!

Multiple Payment & Financing Options Available

Dollar for dollar, the cost of braces is one of the best investments you can make in your overall appearance and health. To help make the cost more manageable, we offer a variety of low down payment and no-interest payment options.

We will work with you to find the right financing plan for you.

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