3 Common Braces Struggles and Their Solutions

I am struggling to floss under my braces wires. What should I do?

Threading dental floss under, around and between braces wires is almost impossible without the assistance of a floss threader. Without proper dental care, dental floss can snap and further damage the natural teeth. GUM Eez-Thru floss threaders are designed to help clean underneath \orthodontic appliances like wires.

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How do I get all of the stuck food out of my wires?

Using an interproximal brush is a great way to remove food particles from between your teeth after eating. These brushes have antibacterial bristles. Also, they even make life easier with the bendable neck feature. This will ensure you get the most particles out of your wires.

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My braces wire is poking me! Help!

Your orthodontist will give you dental wax which can be used to help keep any wires from poking and causing pain. Take a small amount of wax, and roll it into a ball between your thumb and forefinger. Once it is formed, place the ball of wax on the problem area and press the wax into the bracket /wire. It is best to dry the area as much as you can first.


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