How to Accelerate Your Braces Treatment

One of the most common questions we get when working with a new braces patient is, “how long do I have to wear my braces?” or, “how can I accelerate braces treatment?” The answer, like most orthodontic treatments, is that it depends. Every person responds to orthodontic treatment differently and given the various types of … Continue reading “How to Accelerate Your Braces Treatment”

What Is Accelerated Orthodontics & Is It Safe?

Many have heard of the various orthodontic treatments and types of braces available, but have you heard about accelerated orthodontics? “AAO” (advanced accelerated orthodontics), “PAOO” (periodontally assisted osteogenic orthodontics), also known as SFOT (surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment) or “Wilckodontics,” is a method used to not only decrease treatment time, but also a means to potentially … Continue reading “What Is Accelerated Orthodontics & Is It Safe?”