5 Benefits of Early Orthodontic Care – Start Early!

What are the benefits of early orthodontic care?

Early treatment is a great way to spot any problems within your child’s mouth and treat them before they turn into lifelong problems. It is also the answer to solving a lot of childhood problems, some things that can be cured with early orthodontic treatment might surprise you!

Check out the top 5 benefits of getting your child early orthodontic care:

1. Early Identification of Potential Problems

Your child’s orthodontist will be the first to notice any problems with their mouth and jaw. Sometimes, catching these problems early on will save your child from potential surgery and complications in the future. If your child doesn’t immediately need treatment, they will monitor their development to ensure their teeth and jaw align properly.

2. Assists With Their Speech

When a child has problems speaking, people may not think of their teeth as being the cause. However, misaligned teeth or jaws can affect your child’s speech. If your child lisps, slurs, or has difficulty with “S” and “T” sounds, they may benefit from orthodontic treatment! Consistent correction of teeth and alignment during development is the best way to combat this.

3. Keep Tooth Decay Risk Low

With straight teeth, kids are able to clean the entire mouth and reach hard-to-get areas of their mouths. Straight teeth can also help children floss more easily and make sure their mouths are clean. Children with crooked teeth are much more likely to get cavities because it is harder for them to brush which may lead to poor oral hygiene. Crooked teeth can cause serious health problems for your child, so it is important that they see an orthodontist before the age of seven. Braces and preventive dentistry are the best way to ensure oral health for your child is on track.

4. Reduce Night Time Grinding

If your child has headaches or neck pain, it could be due to teeth grinding. This may be due to an unaligned jaw, which could lead to other problems later in life if not corrected early on. Through the help of braces and elastics, the jaw will be shifted into its optimal placement, relieving them of their uncomfortable symptoms.

5. Correct Harmful Habits Like Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a natural reflex from birth to around age five, but some children continue this habit into their teenage years. If your child has not stopped sucking their thumb by the time they start school, they are at greater risk of causing tooth and bone damage. Braces might be enviable for thumb suckers, but they could also be a great way to end


If you are considering early orthodontic care or still have questions, please reach out to us. We are here to guide you and your child through their orthodontic journey. If you are looking for orthodontic care for you or your child, schedule a free consultation with our team of professionals and we’ll get you started.