8 Myths About Braces You Should Know

There’s all kinds of rumors that float around about braces. If you’ve never had braces, you’re likely to be worried about some of these myths which might be keeping you from getting braces. Here’s the truth about braces and some answer to common braces myths.

Can braces rust?

The answer is no, braces do not rust. While often made of metal, braces use stainless steel and titanium which means they will not rust in your mouth.

Will metal detectors go off because of my braces?

No, your braces will not set off a metal detector. Especially when traveling, the metal in braces is not the kind of metal these airport detectors are looking for and your braces are unlikely to set it off.

Can my general dentist give me braces?

It depends. Most general dentists are not certified orthodontists because it requires additional training and certifications to become an orthodontic specialist. However, it is possible your general dentist has gone through this training. It’s important find out if your dentist is also an orthodontists, and if not, get a referral for a local orthodontist nearby.

Can I play sports with braces?

Yes, you most certainly can play sports with braces. You may want to consider additional safety precautions like mouth guards in order to protect your mouth and teeth, especially if you play contact sports.

Are there braces for adults?

Yes. From the traditional metal braces to other, less noticeable options, there are many orthodontic treatment options for adults to consider.

Will my teeth be straight forever after braces?

While braces are one of the most effective treatments to straighter, healthier smiles, your teeth can start to shift. This is especially true for those who recently went through braces treatment but they are not regularly wearing their retainer. Wearing your retainer and following your orthodontists treatment plan is absolutely critical to make sure your teeth don’t shift.

Can I play my instrument with braces?

For those who play a wind instrument, yes you can continue to play your instrument, but there will definitely be an adjustment period. You’ll need to practice to get used to playing with your braces, but don’t worry, you should adjust to this pretty quickly.

The Takeaway

There are many braces myths floating around out there, but it is best to sit down with your orthodontist to discuss all of your questions. Braces are one of the best treatment options out there and you can’t afford to ignore your tooth alignment issues any longer, especially when some of the information you have about braces could be wrong.

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