Getting Braces as an Adult – The Treatment Options

Can I get braces as an adult? What are the treatment options?

Getting braces as an adult is totally possible! We have great news for you: It’s never too late to straighten your teeth! Adult braces and other orthodontic treatments are becoming more and more popular, with adults making up about 25% of today’s orthodontic patients!

Braces Treatment Options for Adults

You may be surprised to know that there’s a wide variety of orthodontic options. During your initial consultation, Dr. Berkman or Dr. Shapiro will do a thorough examination and discuss your personal situation with you. Most adults deal with one or more of these issues:

• Crowded teeth
• Crooked teeth
• Teeth that are spaced out
• Teeth sticking out of alignment
• A bad bite

We can treat these instances with a number of noninvasive techniques.

Traditional metal braces – this is a popular option for busy adults. Most patients report that they become accustomed to wearing them quickly. Made of high-quality stainless steel and tried and tested over many years, these are extremely effective for moving teeth. In addition, modern metal braces are much smoother and more comfortable than ever before!

Ceramic braces – these are a more esthetic choice than metal brackets. They come in a clear, white, or tooth-colored ceramic material but function in much the same way as traditional braces. They are an excellent option for those who would like their treatment to be a bit more discreet.

Orthognathic and Accelerated Treatment – For a small number of adults, braces alone will not achieve the improvement desired. It might be indicated, depending on each specific case, that patients undergo surgery or certain procedures for things such as tooth removal, gingival recession, implant placement, correct positioning of the jaws, or to speed treatment time

Lingual braces – these are similar to metal braces but are placed behind the teeth (by the tongue and palate), rather than in front, and therefore offer a great cosmetic alternative for those who want their teeth straightened quickly, without the braces showing.

Invisalign or Clear Aligner Therapy (CAT) – are a popular choice because they are nearly invisible and are removable. These clear plastic trays are custom-made to fit over your teeth and gently move them into the desired positions over time. You are given a new aligner every few weeks. With this treatment choice, patients can eat and drink what they choose and continue with the same oral hygiene routine as before without the outward appearance of traditional braces.


Choosing the best specialist to meet your treatment needs is much more important than your choice for any specific orthodontic appliance or technique. If you are considering improving your smile, please contact us at Berkman+Shapiro Orthodontics to set up a consultation. We’d love to meet you and talk about your needs, concerns, and review our treatment options with you. We can’t wait to help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, and hope to see you soon!