How Much Do Braces Cost? Tips for Maximum Savings

The cost of braces may vary due to the fact that each individual’s case is determined by many factors. Factors may include how severe the case is, how long treatment will take, and if any complications arise along the way. Also, the American Association of Orthodontists does not track any fees for orthodontic care, so the cost of braces varies from orthodontist to orthodontist. Note that some orthodontists do offer payment plans for your situation. Braces can get pricey so you’ll want to know how to maximize your savings.

How to Save on Braces

1. Low-Income Family Programs 

There are programs that provide funding for low-income families seeking orthodontic care. Qualifying for programs will depend on a number of factors like the number of household members, family income, location, and more. One of the programs is called Smiles Change Lives. This national program is connected with charitable orthodontists that provide affordable care for low-income families. Also, there is a program called the American Association of Orthodontists’ Donated Orthodontic Services program, which provides financial assistance to children who have little to no insurance coverage to afford the care they need.

2. Consider Dental Insurance

If you already have dental insurance, check out your plan and see if it covers orthodontic care at all. If you don’t have dental insurance, you may want to consider getting a plan that includes orthodontic care. Every plan is different so you should shop your options. The right plan may pay up to half the full cost of orthodontic care.

3. Try Dental Schools Near You

Dental schools have students that need hands-on experience before they graduate. Due to the fact that these students are not very experienced; dental schools offer lower prices to those who choose to get treatment with them. Professional orthodontics are there to assist, guide, and supervise the students. If this is an option you are considering, check out this list of accredited orthodontic programs in each state.

4. Ask if You Can Receive a Cash Discount

If you are someone who has the ability to pay cash in full, ask your orthodontist about a cash discount. You may receive a discount since you won’t be needing a payment plan.

5. Ask About Payment Plans

Some orthodontists are firm on their cost, but others do offer payment plans to their patients. Plans are typically paid on a monthly basis. If payments may sense for you financially, be sure to inquire about one for your care.

Financing Options

Orthodontic care is definitely a worthwhile investment. We believe everyone should have access to a sensational smile. Drs. Berkman & Shapiro are sensitive to the fact that everyone has different financial needs, and therefore offer a wide variety of zero down payment and no-interest payment arrangements. Prior to beginning any treatment, we will discuss your financial and insurance options in detail.

If you or your child is considering getting braces, contact us today to get started and maximize your savings.