How to Accelerate Your Braces Treatment

One of the most common questions we get when working with a new braces patient is, “how long do I have to wear my braces?” or, “how can I accelerate braces treatment?” The answer, like most orthodontic treatments, is that it depends. Every person responds to orthodontic treatment differently and given the various types of treatment options available, there is a lot of variation on length of treatment for braces.

According to the American Dental Association, most people are in treatment from 1-3 years. In some cases treatment can be shorter or longer. Again it depends on the body’s response to the treatment, the age and the treatment approach and other factors. However, there are methods that seek to speed up the process.

Accelerating Braces Treatment: What You Can Do

Hygiene: Keeping your teeth and mouth clean will improve your chances of avoiding any complications that can arise from decay or cavities.

Solid Foods: It is important to not put too much unnecessary pressure on your braces, and chopping solid, hard foods into bite-sized pieces can help avoid broken brackets which could slow down your treatment.

Chewing Non-Food Items: Sometimes we might chew on a pen or straw without even thinking about it. This kind of chewing can damage your braces and should be avoided.

Nervous Habits: Biting your nails, playing with your elastic bands or pressing on your brackets from nervousness can potentially prolong your treatment due to damage caused from these habits.

Sticky, Sugary Foods: It is best to avoid any hard candies or other sticky/chewy foods as they can attach to your brackets and potentially shift them out of place.

Accelerating Braces Treatment: What Your Orthodontist Can Do

Types of Braces: There are a variety of types of braces to choose from. While some braces are intended to minimize the visibility of the braces, others are geared towards the most efficient treatment as possible. In some cases your orthodontist may use a mouth scan to create a completely custom braces application uniquely built for your mouth. The type of braces you decide upon with your orthodontist will certainly have an impact on your treatment time.

Accelerated Orthodontics: “AAO” (advanced accelerated orthodontics), PAOO (periodontally assisted osteogenic orthodontics), also known as SFOT (surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment) or “Wilckodontics,” is a method for decreasing treatment time. This technique partners with traditional orthodontics and utilizes either a periodontist or oral surgeon, who places bone grafts over the roots of the teeth to “build up” the bone surrounding the teeth.

SoftPulse Technology: Acceledent Aura is an FDA-cleared medical device designed to increase the rate of tooth movement and reduce the total time of treatment – some studies say this device can reduce treatment time by between 30-50%. Accledent uses SoftPulse technology to help your teeth move more quickly to their new position.

There are additional ways to improve your treatment efficacy and speed up your overall treatment time, but it is best to consult with a professional orthodontist in order to understand all of your options. This will help you to select the most effective treatment plan for your particular situation.

If you have any questions on your treatment plan or want to learn more about how you can accelerate your braces treatment, schedule your free consultation today!