Orthodontic Spacers – Uses, Types, and How They Are Inserted

Orthodontic Spacers… the uses, types, and how they are inserted.

Spacers are rubber bands or metal pieces used in orthodontic treatment in some cases. These accessories are inserted between molars at the following visit to your first. This is done before molar bands are applied. They stay between the teeth for one to two weeks. In this time, the teeth are slowly spaced apart until they are far enough to fit a tooth brace, expander.

What Are Spacers Used For?

Before braces are installed, they are used to create the proper amount of space needed between the teeth. If can feel very uncomfortable. Even so, professionals urge against picking at or playing with them. On most occasions, the spacers are rubber material. Sometimes, they can be metal but that is much less common. These gaps created are imperative in order to install certain pieces for braces treatment.

The Types of Spacers

Spacers can be one of two materials:

  • Rubber – These are like tiny rubber bands. They are placed between molars to create necessary space.
  • Metal – These are tiny metal rings used for the same reason as the rubber spacers.

These are typically the first step to starting your braces treatment. That being said, they are included in the full cost of your braces treatment.

How Are They Inserted?

To insert them, first, a small tool is used to stretch out each spacer individually. Then, the spacers are inserted. To do this, your orthodontist or professional assistant will either insert a tool to keep your mouth open or ask you to open it as wide as you can. Finally, they will shimmy them into place. During this time, it is likely you will feel some pressure.


Spacers are the first stepping stone to proper treatment. You won’t have to deal with them for very long. You’ll have your braces on in no time. If you are looking to get braces, schedule a free consultation with our team of professionals and we’ll get you started.