Things You Can Eat With Braces… and What You Shouldn’t

The things you can eat with braces and things you shouldn’t eat with braces.

It’s no secret that braces have a tendency to cause irritation and/or pain around your teeth and gums. That being said, finding things to eat with braces can feel like quite the challenge.

Some foods you would normally have may not be appropriate during your braces treatment. Let’s talk about what you should and shouldn’t eat with braces. We’ll even touch on what to do if your wire/bracket breaks or comes loose.

Things to Eat With Braces.. Especially When it Hurts

When you get your braces on, they won’t hurt. But, the days following your appointment may feel a little less than comfortable. Hard to chew foods or candies can cause a lot of discomforts and sometimes pain. Therefore, eating softer foods that won’t cause pain is the best option.

Here’s a list of different foods that are ideal when you get braces:

  • soft cheese
  • pasta
  • mashed potatoes
  • applesauce
  • soft fruits
  • seafood
  • cooked oatmeal
  • icecream without hard pieces
  • pudding
  • jello
  • beans
  • bread
  • pancakes
  • cooked vegetables
  • soft chicken

In other words, anything that is easy to chew and soft. Any irritation or sensitivity caused by the braces should improve within days to a few weeks. Then, you’ll be able to resume your normal diet.

Foods to Avoid With Braces

There are foods you should avoid If you want to eat comfortably. Especially, right after you get your braces. These things have the possibility of getting stuck in your braces, breaking bracket, or loosening wires:

  • Chewy licorice
  • popcorn
  • ice
  • hard candy
  • nuts
  • thick cuts of meat
  • sticky foods
  • gum

To sum that up, anything too chewy, crunchy, sticky, or hard. These foods can potentially cause some serious damage to your braces. It’s quite common that patients experience a loosened wire, or even one popping out, due to food that should have been avoided. To conclude, it’s best to stay away from these things to ensure your treatment success.

What Do I Do If My Wire or Bracket Comes Loose?

During the duration of your treatment, you will likely have monthly visits to the orthodontist. But, what happens if you are between adjustments and a wire has come loose?

This can happen by eating the foods you should avoid while having braces. Also, it can occur with injury to the mouth. It’s imperative to proceed with caution. If you have been given wax for your braces, you may use it on the loosened piece to avoid injury to your mouth. Just until it’s repaired.

If any issue arises, contact your orthodontist right away for an appointment. You shouldn’t wait because leaving something like this unfixed can delay your treatment time. The last thing anyone wants is to slow down the process of their treatment. Your orthodontist will take care of the matter as soon as possible.


Keep in mind the things to eat with braces and what to avoid. Proper treatment is important for satisfactory results. If you’d like to inquire about treatment or have more questions, schedule a free consultation with us. We’ll help you make the best decision for your situation and get you the results you are looking for.