Top 4 Things to Expect When Getting Your Braces Off

What should I expect when getting my braces off?

Metal braces are one type of appliance that orthodontists use to straighten or correct the positioning of teeth that are misaligned. They can also close gaps between your teeth. People of all ages, including adults, can get braces. An alternative to metal is plastic invisible braces. The process for using those is very different than using metal ones.

Getting your braces on will allow your orthodontist to move your teeth into the correct position. You can get braces as early as age 7, but it is not recommended for younger children because their mouths are still growing. It will take several months to several years to get used to having braces. When the time is right you will finally get them taken off.

Here’s what to expect!

1. Loosening the Brackets

To remove your braces, your orthodontist will use a special metal device to loosen each of the brackets on your teeth. This will usually pop your braces, brackets and wires off in one piece. If you have a molar band, which is a metal band anchoring your braces to your molars, your orthodontist will slip this off as well

2. The Thorough Cleaning

After your braces are removed, you will need to thoroughly clean your teeth. This is because the brackets and wires used to hold your braces can trap food and plaque in between them. Your orthodontist will use a hard grinder to remove any residue of the adhesive that was used to fix your brackets onto your teeth.

3. X-Rays and Impressions

After the cleaning, your orthodontist may take a set of X-rays and perhaps a bite impression or digital photographs. These are used to check that the braces have done their job. The measurements and a digital model of your mouth may also be used to help make you a retainer. A retainer is an orthodontic device that helps prevent your teeth from shifting. Your orthodontist will instruct you about when and how often to wear your retainer.

4. Wisdom Tooth Check

Finally, your orthodontist may inspect your wisdom teeth. If they are just coming in, he or she may suggest that you have them removed. By removing them, your teeth won’t shift in the future. You wouldn’t want to have to get braces a second time.


Getting your braces off is a very exciting moment. It’s good to be prepared for what your appointment might look like. If you are looking to get braces, schedule a free consultation with our team of professionals and we’ll get you started.