What is Malocclusion?

What is malocclusion? What are the different classes? It is fixable?

Think you have malocclusion? Maybe you have recently heard this term from your dentist. There are different classes of this problem. There are also possible treatment options to get you a confident smile.

What is A Malocclusion?

The term “malocclusion” means that your teeth don’t work with each other properly. When you have malocclusion, you can’t close your mouth completely and might develop problems with your jaw muscles, TMJ, or bite.

What Are the Different Classes?

The classes are based on how your lower and upper jaw are aligned. Here are the three different classes of malocclusion:

  • Class 1 is the most common type. It means the bite is normal. However, the top row of teeth overlaps the bottom by a little.
  • Class 2 is essentially an overbite. This means there is a severe overlap of the top row over the lower.
  • Class 3 is another term for an underbite. This is the opposite of class two. Here, the lower row of teeth overlaps the upper row.

Is a Malocclusion Fixable?

Treatment for malocclusion might include:

  • Getting orthodontic braces that will pull the teeth into proper alignment over time.
  • Purchasing clear tooth aligners. These can gradually move your teeth into place more discreetly than braces because they are clear.
  • Getting certain teeth pulled to prevent any overcrowding
  • Consider jaw surgery to correct the alignment better.


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