Why Orthodontic Treatment Matters & When Your Child Should Get Started

Some of the most common questions we get from parents regarding orthodontic treatment is, “Why is it important?” and, “When should my child get started?” We’ll attempt to answer both of these questions here, although each individual case is different and requires a consultation in order to offer the best treatment plan possible.

Why Orthodontic Treatment Matters

Orthodontic treatment is important for cosmetic reasons, functionality and also dental health. Many see braces as a way to straighten crooked teeth, but beyond the cosmetic impact, crooked teeth are harder to clean and can increase the likelihood of cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Having a misaligned bite can cause you to chew improperly, and the strain on your jaw and teeth may increase the risk of breaking a tooth.

Crooked teeth and misaligned bites are often inherited, but it could also be caused by an early loss of baby teeth, pacifier use, injury to the jaw and thumb sucking. With orthodontic treatment, there’s a way to fix these problems and avoid the associated dental problems.

When To Schedule Your Child’s First Orthodontist Visit

Your dentist will be helpful in figuring out when to take your child to the orthodontist. In fact, they are usually the first to recommend it after noticing issues during a 6-month visit. There’s no set age on when your child should go to the orthodontist. Some recommend going when their first permanent teeth start coming in but going early on doesn’t mean they’ll get braces right away. It does, however, give the orthodontist an idea of problems that may arise and when to start treatment.

While a treatment plan depends on many factors, the orthodontist will guide you along the way and customize the treatment specifically for your child. Whether you think it’s time for your child to visit the orthodontist or have more questions about orthodontic treatment, contact our office today.