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Accelerated Orthodontics Explained

It’s safe to say that everyone loves the idea of a straight smile, but not many of us like the notion of spending months or years in braces to achieve it. For teenagers and adults alike, learning that your orthodontic treatment could take anywhere from six months to three years, or even longer in some … Continue reading “Accelerated Orthodontics Explained”

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Invisalign: Good for Teenagers?

The teenage years are a time of intense development in a person’s life; you’re rapidly changing both socially and physically. Often, this rocky confluence can be quite overwhelming, especially when you don’t feel confident about your smile. As your teeth develop, they might not be coming in as straight as you’d like, or maybe you’ve … Continue reading “Invisalign: Good for Teenagers?”

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What is Fluoride?

What you need to know about Fluoride Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent cavities and tooth decay. Fluoride plays an essential role in protecting and strengthening teeth. Most tooth enamel begins with a very high concentration of fluoride in its outer layers, but the fluoride can dissolve over time. What does Fluoride do? Fluoride protects teeth … Continue reading “What is Fluoride?”