What is Malocclusion?

What is malocclusion? What are the different classes? It is fixable? Think you have malocclusion? Maybe you have recently heard this term from your dentist. There are different classes of this problem. There are also possible treatment options to get you a confident smile. What is A Malocclusion? The term “malocclusion” means that your teeth … Continue reading “What is Malocclusion?”

3 Common Braces Struggles and Their Solutions

I am struggling to floss under my braces wires. What should I do? Threading dental floss under, around and between braces wires is almost impossible without the assistance of a floss threader. Without proper dental care, dental floss can snap and further damage the natural teeth. GUM Eez-Thru floss threaders are designed to help clean … Continue reading “3 Common Braces Struggles and Their Solutions”

Top 5 Questions Asked When Getting Braces

What will I feel when I get braces When braces are first placed your teeth will feel a little different to your tongue and your cheeks. This is normal and as your mouth gets more used to things your braces will start to feel more and more normal. This adjustment period usually takes between 3 … Continue reading “Top 5 Questions Asked When Getting Braces”

Getting Braces as an Adult – The Treatment Options

Can I get braces as an adult? What are the treatment options? Getting braces as an adult is totally possible! We have great news for you: It’s never too late to straighten your teeth! Adult braces and other orthodontic treatments are becoming more and more popular, with adults making up about 25% of today’s orthodontic … Continue reading “Getting Braces as an Adult – The Treatment Options”

Invisible Braces Orthodontist in Michigan

What are invisible braces? What are the advantages? Invisible braces are a revolutionary way for any orthodontist to straighten teeth quickly and easily. Based on 3-dimensional computer technology and virtual engineering, they are low-profile customized braces that fit on the inside surfaces of your teeth–so no one can tell they’re there. This treatment is also … Continue reading “Invisible Braces Orthodontist in Michigan”

Invisalign for Teens in Michigan

What is invisalign for teens? What are the advantages? Social media and social lives are changing the lifestyle of today’s teens. Teens would typically rather avoid the challenges that come with traditional braces, such as obvious appearance, the struggles that come with brushing and flossing, and the limiting of certain foods. Invisalign Teen is designed … Continue reading “Invisalign for Teens in Michigan”

4 Benefits of Tie-Less Braces (AKA The Damon System)

What is the Damon System? What are the benefits of tie-less braces? Have you ever seen a patient with tie-less braces? If you’ve been in braces and orthodontics long enough, you know the Damon System is one of the most common systems out there. In recent years, the use of tie-less braces has become more … Continue reading “4 Benefits of Tie-Less Braces (AKA The Damon System)”

The Different Types of Retainers After Braces

What are the different types of retainers? You will receive a retainer once you complete your braces treatment. You are probably wondering which retainer you will receive. This will be decided with the professional opinion of your dentist. We will go over three different types of retainers. Clear plastic retainer You can get a removable, … Continue reading “The Different Types of Retainers After Braces”

Whitening Your Teeth With Braces: What are Your Options?

Can I whiten my teeth with braces? What are my options? So, you want whiter teeth but have braces on. What are your options? A lot of people look for whitening solutions. The problem is that you may not know what solutions you can implement. It all depends on the type of braces you have … Continue reading “Whitening Your Teeth With Braces: What are Your Options?”

Top 3 Worst Habits for Your Teeth and Their Solutions

What are the worst habits for your teeth? What are some solutions? We all know that we’re supposed to brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes, floss once a day, and see the dentist every six months. But even following these guidelines doesn’t mean our teeth are invincible to problems. In fact, many … Continue reading “Top 3 Worst Habits for Your Teeth and Their Solutions”